The Brain Is Not a Computer!

The brain is an analog system. ┬áThere are no advanced calculations happening. It’s all in the connections! Machine Neuroscience Technologies, Inc. has developed the first system in history to emulate the mechanisms in the human brain for representing knowledge and acting on that knowledge.

TalkBot with Wireless Mic 1
MNT TalkBot System mounted on a Stingray Chassis

The TalkBot is the first building block in a system that uses “synaptic pointers” to represent words, phrases and sentences. It “learns” by hearing spoken words and creating “synaptic pointers” unique to the words it hears. While it is learning a word, its ability to recognize the word improves with each repetition just as a child learns.

Future building blocks will expand the number of sensors and actuators that interface to the system, incorporate the ability to recognize visual images, learn concepts and perform complex actions based on sensor inputs and the associated concepts.

Machine Neuroscience Technologies, Inc. TalkBot Demonstration Video:

MNT TalkBot Demonstration Video

See the related article on page 18 of the July/August 2013 issue of Robot Magazine.

Watch this video of an MNT TalkBot being trained:

Training MNT TalkBot with Wireless Mic

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